Sunday, 18 September 2011

Twitter Apps and things that go tweet in the night

Now I have my twitter account set up. @p4laddi incase you didnt catch my last post ;) I decide to checkout what programs and apps were out there to help me grow my network. I didnt want to go down the route of buying software or even followers, so the key was free apps. There are loads out there and its just a case of finding them.

One program I was familar with was twitterfeed. I wanted to feed a few thing to my account which hopefully would be of interest to others. I had already set my interests in my account and therefore the info I wanted to feed in is related. So I set up a feed from my store, its blog and the local weather. I have since added the feed of this blog to it. Twitterfeed is great. It allows you to feed in any rss feed and have it add new posts as tweets on your twitter. Above all its free!

One of the first follower apps I stumbled upon was twitter follower .com created by John Chow. I signed up but unfortunatly was unable to get any further. I just kept recieving: An internal database error occurred and the requested action could not be completed. Please try again later. I dropped John an email but yet to get a reply. I have had many emails from him, all IM hype about a new system that will make you rich. @johnchow if you just so happen to read this, I would love a response and I'm sure there are others experiencing the same issue.

A couple of stat type apps I found are twittercounter and twitaholic. What I can say is that twittercounter is run by a chap called boris. If you have an issue with unable to see stats, simply send a tweet @boris and he will sort it (and I must say very quickly!). I must say that twittercounter looks great, however I've yet had the opotunity to explore it fully.

Next app I found was twiends. This took about 24 hours from sign up until I was able to use. They make you jump through a few hoops, but not in a bad way and I guess its to preserve the quality of their site. Its a very clever setup in which you can follow people and earn seeds. These seeds can then be used to allow people to follow you. It also has a great feature in which you can find people with similar interests. You can get a little carried away with it and it will pop up a little message reminding you of twitters aggressive following policy.

The final app I will mention for now is justunfollow. I love the simplicity of this site. Once in by connecting with twitter you can check who is following you and who is not. Each screen has a button to follow fans and unfollow non-followers. All very easy to use.

I played around with a few other bits and bobs but nothing I felt was of great significance. If I find any jems I'll let you know.

So for twitter so far in the first week I have managed to obtain 360 followers. I dont know if that is good or bad, but its a reference. I will continue to work on my twitter account and post about anything interesting I find. Next, onto blogging.

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