Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lets get started, Lets get Twittering!

Ok First off a little about me. Ive been involved in online ventures for a few years. From webmastering, hosting, ecommerce and search engine optimisation. I have had some success and a fair few failures. I have also dabbled in online marketing including clickbank and such like affiliate programs. My strongest area of expertise has pretty much been seo. Although, with that being said, lately I have seen the rise in social media becoming a dominating feature in any seo plan. Not to mention an essential part of any online business. Social media can be used for many aspects. Not only search marketing, but also brand marketing. Getting your brand out there and recognised as a trusty worthy strong name is key. It is also something the search engines are now leaning towards.

In the past I was able to skim across social media for any seo campaign. Basically set up and account and link it in and allow people to find it. I might even link from website to it to encourage people to join the network. But this was about it. In the past this would probably of been ok, but now social media is playing a big part in both seo and marketing and anyone ignoring it is missing out big time.

Being one of those missing out big time, I realised I had to catch up, however I had a problem. My knowledge of getting the most out of social media is very limited.

I decided to start with Twitter. I had already set up an account for my business, however I wanted to start fresh. Create an account for me and see how I can promote it. I created the account on 10th September 2011.

My account is @p4laddi of course feel free to follow me ;)

The first things I did was set up the page and add a nice background from twitter backgrounds .com. I hope to create my own background in the future but for now this is fine.

Ok, so now I have an account, next I need to find some followers, or a magic flute.

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